Freja Beha Erichson.

It's not too often that we see Freja experimenting with patterns in her own street style. But her signature colour black and tousled effortless hair ( along with PIN thin legs ) always inspires me. What do you think of her?
This is MO&Co A '11

In 2008, casting agent James Scully, said of Erichsen:

The queen of cool. Probably one of the most-requested models of all my clients. She is the perfect old-school clothes-hanger with a little eighties androgyny thrown in...

So Every aspiring young waif, should know Alexa Chung... 

A super skinny, successful, rich, English tv presenter, model and a contributing editor at British Vogue. A prime example of what this blogger loves.

Alexa Chung is seen "enjoying" lunch with a friend at the uber trendy Troyka Russian restaurant in Primrose Hill... July 9, 2011

What gossip mags fail to mention is her will power to only eat about 4 mouthfuls of her lunch. The rest of the time she sits reader her magazine, smoking, drinking black coffee or carefully reapplying her makeup. All while her chunky friends sits quietly by stuffing her face.

We can all learn from this.

Alexa is reading the August 2011 Issue of BAZAAR which interviews Emma Watson who is also on the cover.

I even get the feeling she has sabotaged her food by adding too much salt ( or pepper) , so she will not be tempted to scoff everything on her plate.

But maybe don't just throw your newspapers on the ground, when you are done with them.

It reminds me of putting newspaper in the bottom of my pet budgies cage for it to poop on. Unsightly and Unladylike.