Thursday, 4 August 2011

Friday Fever

Being Friday in the office ( Australian Time Zone ), I am getting around in my super comfy Nobody Jeans, Black suede boots, a Lilac Bardot slouchy shirt, and a black leather and cotton Bettina Liano Jacket.Also have a black crochette scarf on. -Yes, I wear a lot of black.

But also today I am wearing one of my favorite rings. It's a double finger cross ring, that I picked up in Forever 21 on a stop over in Singapore earlier this year. Here is an image I found of it. What I love about it, is it not only looks awesome and tough, it's still quite girly and gothic. It also doesn't affect my typing or mouse using here at work.

I always feel more confident in casuals at work. Corporate wear is always so rigid and binding. I feel like I get to be me on Friday's. 
Plus it also means that I can go out for a drink straight after work, and not have to go home and change.

So last night my housemate made an awesome risotto, with chicken, chilli, tomato, basil and feta. I think I ate about half of my bowl, and said that I would take the rest to work today for lunch... My bf ended up eating the rest of mine and that made me really happy.

All I have had so far today is one black coffee, its a great feeling being empty. I feel like I can accomplish so much more and be more productive when I am running on nothing. The guys are heading over to the cafeteria for lunch right now. Apparently it's schnitzels and chips there today. Ew!

I'm going to have to eat something soon. My bf is going to be having lunch with me today. I am hoping were just going to go home - we don't live far - and I can just eat a few pieces of the champagne ham we bought last night, and maybe pinch one of my housemates sugar free redbulls or a DC to tide me over till later. Tonight my sister wants to hangout, and I think wine and pizza is on the menu. I have been sick the past few weeks, so hopefully if i just say that my stomach is feeling a bit gross, she wont notice me only picking the topping off my food.

I hope you have had a good strong skinny week too. And the weekend is just like any other days and not an excuse to slip up and eat yourself silly.

If you feel yourself starting to slip, here is a bit of thinspiration.
Miranda Kerr: VS Model, Author ( Treasure Yourself) Nutritionist, Wife and Mother. Among other amazing thing.Entrepreneur - She has her own organic skin care range -  Kora Organics and is a PeTA activist and just a general down to earth beautiful successful role model.

This candid pic was snapped backstage at the David Jones Spring/Summer 2011 fashion launch at the Royal Hall of Industries at Moore Park. August 3rd. It's inspiring to think that she gave birth to a healthy baby boy Flynn just 7 months ago.

Haylen x

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  1. Aw thank you! I'm trying my best to be positive, it doesn't come naturally haha. Miranda Kerr is one of my favorites, so gorgeous. And she's had KIDS and looks like that, I have no excuse lol. Love the ring by the way.