Monday, 8 August 2011

Tuesday Wishes - The Sheer Maxi

So one of the many things I am looking forward to when the weather gets warmer ( and my thighs a little thinner ) is the chance to pull of one of these effortless "off duty" model looks.

The Sheet maxi dress. Worn here by beautiful Polish Model Anja Rubik, who recently married her long time beau Sasha Knezevic, whom is also a model. ( Congrats! ) Imagine the children!

The mix of blacks and lace seems to come off far more girly than gothic vampire, which I think looks lovely, and the iconic John Lennon style glasses give off the " I don't give a F*** " Vibe.

It's a Fierce look and a great way to show off your pins.
What do you think?

Next we have one of my absolute favourites, Australian Model
Abbey Lee Kershaw. She has rocked this look a few times on the street. And I know I would probably stop and stare like this guy if she walked passed me! This was apparently snapped stepping out of Gucci in Milan.

Is it just me or do models seem to be lone rangers on the street?
Have you ever seen a pack of models roaming and raiding the boutique strips? It's probably because they all work different schedules.

I bought a sheer lace maxi on sale from ASOS earlier in the year.

ASOS Lace Maxi Dress

It's out of stock now, but I have only had the courage to wear it once, and that was to a concert. I'm yet to find the right look that works for me I think.

Perhaps I will try out the Gaga / model esque style of just wearing underwear with it.  I work a long singlet underneath that covers the tops of my legs.

Here are a few pics of the ASOS dress. What do you think?

Well I'm going to have to have a good day today if I want to look this good in a sheer maxi.

So far I am on Black coffee #1- I did sneak a chocolate chip cookie so my stomach didnt rumble in my 8am meeting, and I am regretting it already! NOT A GREAT START.

I figure I have the rest of the day to get it right. A small slip up isn't going to ruin my day! I will not let it. And neither should you. Don't beat yourself up over your mis-grievances. Just fix them. Set them straight. And hopefully you will re-think next time you are caught up in temptation.

Perhaps there are even some in office exercises I can do whilst sitting in my chair at my desk. Calf raises perhaps? Stomach clenching? I did read that If you sit up straight you will burn 10% more calories than slouching. And your posture will improve.

So sit up straight ladies. Hold your heads high.
Haylen X

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