Sunday, 7 August 2011

Weekend Delights

So it is coming to the end of the weekend. Cue sadness that its over and cue stress about the week ahead.
Firstly I'm definitely going to try and skip dinner tonight.

Although my Sunday started well and I was up at 7am this morning for a 5km walk fundraiser, as the day progressed I felt my motivation and control lapse a little. The brisk walk this morning was a great way to wake up. I didn't eat anything before I left, and after it was all over  and I drove down to the beach for brunch with the parents. Luckily for me the restaurant had a very 'me' friendly menu. I was able to order poached egg whites with wilted spinach, and grilled tomato and field mushrooms. My parents didn't batter an eyelid when I didn't finished everything on my plate. Even though both my parents chowed down on greasy bacon and chorizo filled dishes.

Later in the afternoon I had to go to a bbq and while I managed to avoid most things on the table, I did eat some chicken wings, a small rissole and then just munched on capsicum and green salad.

One of my quick purchases over the weekend was a China Glaze in Pelican Gray. And I think I am in love. It's a perfect hue for winter, and not as stark or contrasting like a dark charcoal or black. I only applied it last night and already today had lots of positive comments.

The colour goes with pretty much everything, and held its own even when I wore a bold colour blocked purple top today.

Also if you haven't used a China Glaze nail polish before, they are great. Good coverage, quick drying and long lasting. Plus with added nail hardeners I don't feel like my nail chip or break as easily. So big smiles all round.

Now its about time that I put the kettle on and think about making some tea. I am really getting into peppermint tea lately, not only does it taste refreshing - but the peppermint actually curbs appetite.. Win/Win

Hope you've had a strong skinny weekend, best of luck for the week ahead.
Haylen X

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